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Kink Ease MSM Salve 8oz.

Kink Ease MSM Salve 8oz.

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Kink-Ease™ MSM Salve “gets the kinks out” of tired and painful muscles and joints caused by over-exertion, arthritis and the stress of life, without the side effects of pain medications. Clinical testing has shown that Kink-Ease™ contains up to 10 times more MSM compared with other popular brands. Just rub Kink-Ease™ salve over the area of pain or discomfort. The active ingredient, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) — a non-toxic natural compound — is carried through the skin to begin the soothing process. The salve may need to be applied three or four times a day. Kink-Ease™ may also improve flexibility in tight muscles and is an excellent product for softening feet and rough heals.

Physician Formulated

Each of our supplements are formulated by renowned physician Dr. David Klein

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