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Hyper Folate Folic Acid 5000mcg B12 200mcg

Hyper Folate Folic Acid 5000mcg B12 200mcg

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120 Capsules

What is Hyper Folate?

Folic acid—also known as folate or folacin—is a B vitamin found in green leafy vegetables and, in lesser amounts, in fruits, sprouts, brewer’s yeast, liver and legumes. Often working in conjunction with vitamin B12, folic acid functions primarily as a methyl-group donor involved in many important body processes.*

Most importantly, folic acid is responsible for the creation of DNA (the body’s genetic information) and building blocks of RNA (needed for protein synthesis in all cells). Rapidly growing tissues, such as occurs during pregnancy or regeneration of tissues such as red blood cells and immune cells, need folic acid to divide properly.*

Folic acid also plays a role in the formation of SAM (s-adenyl methionine), which regulates many functions, including mood.*

How does Hyper Folate support health?

  • Helps promote normal DNA function and replication*
  • Supports homocysteine levels, which is important for healthy heart function*
  • Supports healthy brain function and memory*
  • Maintains endothelial function*
  • Supports healthy and happy moods*

Physician Formulated

Each of our supplements are formulated by renowned physician Dr. David Klein

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